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Buchneuerscheinung: Vanadium in Soils and Plants

Freitag, 1. März 2024

Rinklebe, J. (Ed.). (2022). Vanadium in Soils and Plants (1st ed.). CRC Press. https://doi.org/10.1201/9781003173274

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Vanadium is an essential element for humans and animals. The toxicity of vanadium at higher concentrations could be a global environmental concern and a significant issue for both environmental protection and economic benefits. The relevance of anthropogenic vanadium in the environment has increased significantly in recent years due to an increased demand for vanadium in high-temperature industrial activities. This book summarizes vanadium’s current research and explains its behavior and mobilization in the environment, especially in soils, sediments, water and plants. Through case studies from various countries, it discusses critical limits set and risk assessment approaches and remediation approaches of vanadium-contaminated soils.


    • Provides a comprehensive overview of vanadium in the total environment
    • Covers the role of vanadium in various environments such as soils, sediments, water and plants
    • Includes bioavailability studies and further case studies from various countries around the world
    • Focuses on a better understanding of biogeochemical processes of vanadium
    • Is written by international experts who present the current stage of the knowledge including innovative remediation and management approaches of vanadium-contaminated sites

This book will be of use to upper-level undergraduate and graduate students taking courses in soil science, environmental science, soil ecology, water science, plant science, ecotoxicology, geology and geography as well as scientists, lecturers, environmental and technical engineers, ecologists, applied ecological scientists and managers.

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