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Any natural person with a professional interest in soil science can become a member.

The prerequisite for acquiring membership is an informal written application addressed to the office.

Contribution payments

In accordance with the Articles of Association, contributions for members resident in Germany are collected cashless (by direct debit) in March of each year for the current year. The bank issues the debit slip, which can also serve as a donation receipt.

Every member is obliged to participate in this procedure and to make the necessary declarations.

Exempt from this obligation are members residing in countries in which a direct debit procedure does not exist in mutual banking transactions. In these cases, the annual membership fee is to be paid to DBG without cash on 1 January for the following year. Members joining during the financial year shall have the subscription for the current financial year debited from their account in full upon receipt of notification of their admission to the Association or shall pay it upon receipt of notification.

All fees charged to the DBG because a member has failed to provide a correct address and/or bank details in good time (e.g. the costs of forwarding printed material, return transfers) shall be borne by the member.

Annual contributions

Designation Euro
Members 120,00
Students/doctoral candidates (upon proof/verification) 50,00
Retired persons (on application) 60,00
Supporting members 150,00


Beomce a member

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