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Photo: Eva Lehndorff

The Soil Chemistry Commission (KII) of the German Soil Science Society focusses on organic soil chemistry. Main topics here are composition, turnover and origin of soil organic matter and its interaction with plants, microbes and minerals, as well as research on organic pollutants. In the work groups WG Isotopes in Soil Science and WG Forest Soils we discuss respective analytical challenges and environmental conditions.

These groups are active participants of KII:


Commission II (KII), Soil Chemistry, offers workshops and contributes to the scientific meetings of the German Soil Science Society. From 2024 on, we will have a Webinar on soil chemical topics to have active and frequent discussion amongst all members of KII.

Here a list of sessions offered by KII within the scientific meeting of the German Soil Science Society in 2024:

  • Plastics in soil
  • long-term humus stability
  • humus in agricultural soils
  • humus in forest soils
  • rhizosphere and rhizodeposition
  • humus-microbiom-interactions
  • Soils and climate
  • spatial aspects in soil chemistry
  • Stabile Isotopes in soil science
  • Organic contaminants

And a link to the workshop „Soil Spaces 2021“.

Upcoming activities:

A Webinar Soil Chemistry will start in spring 2024.

This year we focus on „Soil Chemistry under Climate Change“. We will meet monthly and share presentations from all members of KII and hope for lively discussions. A link to the webinar program will be available here soon. We are looking forward to your contributions! Eva Lehndorff & the Soil Ecology group from Bayreuth University



Prof. Dr. Eva Lehndorff, Bayreuth University


Deputy chair:

Prof. Dr. Sandra Spielvogel, Kiel University


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