Aims of the Working Group „ Stable Isotopes in Soil Science:

  • Exchange of experiences concerning use and analysis of stable isotopes in soil research
  • Establish and propagate new methods and study designs in soil research
  • Serve as a starting point for information about application and analysis potential for newcomers in isotope based research in soil ecology
  • Advance teaching on use and analysis of stable isotopes





Activities of the Working Group:


  • Organisation of the biennial Workshop “Stable Isotopes in Soil research” (the last one in Göttingen, September 2010)

  • Organisation of teachings and seminars, participation in teachings “Use of stable isotopes in soil process research” organised by the DBG 

  • Active participation in symposia with a focus on isotope research in the annual meeting of the DBG

Administration of the Working Group:


Head of the Working Group „Stable Isotopes in Soil Science“ is Prof. H. Flessa (Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut,I Braunschweig). He is assisted by Dr. Jens Dyckmans, lab manager of the Centre for Stable Isotope Research and Analysis (Kompetenzzentrum Stabile Isotope, KOSI)“ of the University of Göttingen.




History of the Working Group:


The working group was founded at the 1999 annual meeting of the DBG in Hannover initiated by Fritz Beese and Heiner Flessa (then both working at the Institute of Soil Science and Forest Nutrition, University of Göttingen). The working group is part of the Commision II (Soil Chemistry).