The working group German soil assessment (Bodenschätzung) and soil evaluation was established in 1996 by soil assessment experts from tax authorities, by soil scientists from State Geological Services, universities and by engineering service providers. It was confirmed by the members of the German Soil Science Society and made a part of its Commission V at the 1997 general assembly.

The working group regularly organises lecture symposium and field excursions as well as workshops on varying topics. Such events aim at encouraging and facilitating the exchange of experience between soil assessment experts and soil scientists in the areas of soil and site assessment. At the same time, they provide an opportunity for discussion on the interpretation of soil assessment data, its transformation into the modern pedological nomenclature and classification of soils and its integration into computer-aided soil information systems in order to tackle current pedological issues in administration and academics:

  • soil mapping
  • geological mapping
  • evaluation of the soil functions (Cross Compliance)
  • groundwater protection (EU Water Framework Directive)
  • spatial planning and planning of land use
  • agricultural use of land
  • land consolidation
  • land improvement
  • conversation of nature
The hands-on pedological excursions serve the education and training of participants and the coordinated description of the soil profiles.