Soil Science Society

The German Soil Science Society (DBG) is a non-commercial association with about 2,000 members interested in soil scientific questions.

The task of the German Soil Science Society is to promote soil science and its relation to neighbouring disciplines through:

  • concerted scientific work, professional stimulation and education, exchange of ideas and information in the field of soil science;
  • promotion of the education of young scientists;
  • public relation activities to inform people about soils, their capacities and required protection as well as the educational value of soil science;
  • maintenance and fosterage of relations between scientific societies of Soil Science and neighbouring disciplines in and outside Germany, especially the International Union of Soil Science (IUSS).

The German Soil Science Society organises periodical conferences (see "Kalender") including scientific excursions as well as targeted symposia and workshops of the commissions and working groups.

The society releases the "Berichte der DBG" as an online bulletin, the "Nachrichten der DBG" as an information bulletin, the "Mitteilungen der Bodenkundlichen Gesellschaft" as a non-reviewed publication and the peer-reviewed international "Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science".

Furthermore, the DBG awards the Fritz Scheffer Award to young scientists for scientific excellence.


Every person with a professional interest in Soil Science can become a member.

To become a member, it is required to send an informal application to the office in Oldenburg.

Membership fee

According to the rules of the Society the membership fee for members in Germany are collected by an automatic debit transfer in March for the current year. The bank statement might be used as a receipt for funding.

Every member is obliged to participate in the automatic debit transfer system and to sign the required approval.

Excluded from this obligation are those members who live in other countries where an automatic debit system doesn't exist. In these cases, the annual membership fee has to be transferred by 1st January for the following year to the DBG account. New members joining the Society during the accounting year will be charged for the current year after receiving their acceptance of membership.

All additional fees, which are charged to the Society due to missing, wrong or delayed information of a member concerning the current mailing address and/or bank details (e.g. additional mailing costs for printed matter of retransfers of money) have to be paid by the member.

Annual membership fee    EUR 63.00
Annual fee for promoters    EUR 150.00

The membership fee includes the delivery of the "Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science", the "Mitteilungen der Deutschen Bodenkundlichen Gesellschaft" as well as the "Nachrichten der DBG".