Authors guidelines

  1. Deadline for the submission of manuscripts for the „Mitteilungen der DBG“ to the editor is definitely the announced date (usually between the 14th and 30th day after the last day of the specific meeting). Submissions are only accepted as PDF file.
  2. Pages must not include page numbers. The top and bottom margins must be 1.5cm wide, while the left and right margins must be 2cm wide.
  3. The title and/or author names can be formatted freely and must appear left-justified on the top of the first page under the 1.5cm margin.
  4. The authors' addresses must be included under a horizontal ruler (separator line) on the first page.
  5. The text flow must be continuous, single column.
  6. The font size must be 12pt, font face "Arial".
  7. Images with 300dpi print quality and figures can be inserted into the text flow.
  8. Animations are not permitted.