Announcement of Professorship W2 Soil Physics in Göttingen

At the Department of Crop Sciences of the Georg August University Göttingen the position of professor (W2) "Soil Physics" is advertised. The position will be filled as soon as possible. Applications are requested in electronic form until 14.04.2019. Further information can be found at ​


Biannual Meeting 2019 in Bern

The planning for the symposia for the joint meeting of the BGS and the DBG in Bern 2019 has been completed. Overall, the K1 is responsible just for three symposia, namely "Soil Structure and Soil Functions", "Water, gas, energy and solute transport in soils and plants across scales" and "Free Topics: What's hot in soil physics?". In addition, as K1, we are involved in seven (!) other symposia, including "Rhizosphere processes - Plant-soil interactions", "Trace gas fluxes from soil", or "Soil erosion". This reflects a paradigm shift for the conference in Bern, away from a disciplinary program to problem-oriented symposia, which usually have to be handled interdisciplinary. Registration of contributions is possible until February 15, 2019, 2:00 pm via the electronic abstract management system. More about the annual conference can be found on the central website


AG 3-4 D Soil Modeling

For the annual meeting in Bern 2019 a session will be held by the wokrking group "3-4 D soil modeling". To this end, contributions are requested that deal with 3D soil models and methods for creating a soil model or need such models for the quantification of the soil solid phase. The AG not only addresses members of Commission I, but explicitly all DBG members who deal with 3D soil data and models. We invite all interested parties to actively participate in the AG. Contact details can be found on the DBG website under "Commission 1 - Working Groups" (


Call for nominations

At the end of 2019, Stephan Peth and Wolfgang Durner will hand over the chairmanship of Commission I to their successors. The aspirants are young, ambitious, idealistic, preferably females, and are on an early to mid stage in their careers. They intend to guidethe fortunes of the Commission for a total of four years. Nominations and self-nominations are welcome and can be emailed to the chair of the committee. The elections will be web-based before the annual meeting in Bern. In our opinion, it would be ideal if one person will be the deputy chairperson for two years and then take the lead for another two years thereafter. The statutes of the DBG do not necessarily foresee that, but it should be possible to find such a solution.