Soil Mineralogy


Our goals:

Commission VII is one of eight commissions of the Deutsche Bodenkundliche Gesellschaft (German Soil Science Society) and deals with mineralogy and micromorphology of soil.
Our objective is to foster quality in science, cooperation in research and scientific communication in soil mineralogy, as well as to inspire students and young scientists with interest in our field of research. For this purpose the members of commission VII are periodically organizing conferences and workshops. These meetings are often held in collaboration with other commissions or scientific associations and welcome participants from science, government, and industry.
Close collaborations exist with groups working on inorganic or organic soil chemistry, soil physics and soil pollution/protection.




Your contribution:

All memebers of commission VII are invited to contribute to our activities by


Organizing a meeting or a workshop


Proposing a  session on our annual meeting


Submitting information to our homepage


Suggesting the next chairperson for commission VII

Please discuss your ideas with the current
karin [dot] eusterhuesatuni-jena [dot] de (chairperson.)


A number of scientific societies are pursuing very similar goals as commission VII:
Deutsche Ton- und Tonmineral-Gruppe
Deutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft
Clay Minerals Society
Mineralogical Society of America




Contact Commission VII:

Dr. Karin Eusterhues
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