"Soil of the Year" - Request for assistance!

We would welcome your assistance in order to announce activities and projects on the planned Homepage "Soil of the year", to exhibit and award the most interesting projects and to establish a network for the exchange of experiences.


Please send us informations about activities and projects you realized in the context of the "World Soil Day" respectively "Soil of the year". For this, you may use this questionnaire (German) or send an informal mail to frielinghausatzalf [dot] de (M. Frielinghaus).



Workshop: Kids nose into Soil

Professional training with pedagogical ideas for digging in preschools

announcement for autumn 2011

Venue: Museum am Schoelerberg, Osnabrueck

Soil is more than just the matter in a sand-box. Soil is living, colourful, fascinating, exciting and simply beautiful.

Experience Soil and get to know the possibilities to integrate the subject "Soil" in your kindergarten.


coming soon: Registration and Agenda (German)


The Media Catalogue containing material for soil related contents in education is now online: Media catalogue (German)



ENSA - European Network Soil Awareness - Convention in Osnabrueck

In May 2011 the 2. convention of the European Network Soil Awareness (ENSA) will take place at the 'Museum am Schoelerberg' in Osnabrueck. Participants of the convention are the European Land and Soil Association (ELSA), representatives of the EU and other organizations.


Further informations about the convention's agenda and results will be available here soon...